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Conviction Series Book Six

A Security Firm Romantic Suspense



When my team called, I answered,
But I didn’t know the cost.
I didn’t know I would lose everything,
My fiancée, my best friend, my future...
All for a lie.
 Hannah was my world.
And trusting the wrong people shattered my world.
Her father is hunting her.
My team is hunting him.
But I found her first. 
I’ll protect her no matter what,
But can she forgive me for leaving her years ago?

When his team called, he answered,
Leaving me to fend for myself.
I thought I’d lost everything,
But one gift remained…
All thanks to a lie.
Hawk was mi cielo, 
But trusting him darkened my sky.
Now my father is hunting me.
Only I couldn’t outrun Hawk. 
He found me first.
No matter what, I have to protect us,
But can he forgive me for that night years ago? 


Leading Conviction - Signed Paperback - Dinged

SKU: 23
  • This is a slightly damaged version of Leading Conviction. Thus it is heavily discounted. It will be completely readible, but the cover may have some scratches on the edges, or possibly the first internal page is missing.

    Your very own signed copy of Leading Conviction, book 6 of the Conviction series!

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