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Conviction Series Book Four

A Forced Proximity, One Bed Romantic Suspense



I dreamt of her purple hair
And the pain on her face when I failed her.
One night was all we had,
Then they stole her from me.
When I woke up, all her color was gone.
A lot can happen in a year.
She saved herself the day I almost died.
Now her kidnappers aren’t the only evil in town.
We’re going to find answers. Together.
Even though she’s keeping secrets from me.
I want all of her. Everything. 
But she can’t even look me in the eye 
Before she breaks my heart.


His quiet soul sees right through me
Even the pain I hide behind my smile. 
I only knew him for one night,
Then he sacrificed himself for me.
Now he’s awake and won’t let me hide.
A lot has happened this past year.
I lost myself the day I thought he died.
Now there’s much more at stake.
I’ve lived my life behind a mirror
Playing the character others want to see.
He wants all of me. Everything. 
But what will be left of me
After he breaks my heart?

Healing Conviction - Signed Paperback - Dinged

SKU: 27
  • This is a slightly damaged version of Healing Conviction. Thus it is heavily discounted. It will be completely readible, but the cover may have some scratches on the edges, or possibly the first internal page is missing.

    Your very own signed copy of Healing Conviction, book 4 of the Conviction series!

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