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Conviction Series Book Four

A Forced Proximity, One Bed Romantic Suspense



I dreamt of her purple hair
And the pain on her face when I failed her.
One night was all we had,
Then they stole her from me.
When I woke up, all her color was gone.
A lot can happen in a year.
She saved herself the day I almost died.
Now her kidnappers aren’t the only evil in town.
We’re going to find answers. Together.
Even though she’s keeping secrets from me.
I want all of her. Everything. 
But she can’t even look me in the eye 
Before she breaks my heart.


His quiet soul sees right through me
Even the pain I hide behind my smile. 
I only knew him for one night,
Then he sacrificed himself for me.
Now he’s awake and won’t let me hide.
A lot has happened this past year.
I lost myself the day I thought he died.
Now there’s much more at stake.
I’ve lived my life behind a mirror
Playing the character others want to see.
He wants all of me. Everything. 
But what will be left of me
After he breaks my heart?

Healing Conviction - Signed Paperback

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