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A dark, modern, romantic retelling of Sweeney Todd with a Medusa twist and a happy ever after.
Their revenge is sweet… their love is unhinged.


Fifteen years ago, a girl sacrificed her life for mine. I’ve wanted only justice ever since.

Then Talia entered the stage.

I’m the barber’s son. The Don’s nephew. 

A prince without a throne and only revenge to fuel me.

She’s the bakers’ granddaughter. Sweet Tallie. Their dolce. My vipera.

My desires have always stopped at vengeance. She’s made me want more. But my vendetta will destroy everything in my path, and I won’t risk bringing her into my world. 

I never suspected she’d snake her way in on her own.

I craved a bite of her sugar and spice, but my little vipera is fangs and venom.

Now all I want is to be bitten. 


DREADFUL is a dark, revenge mafia retelling of Sweeney Todd, Hamlet, and Medusa, set in modern-day Boston and a complete STANDALONE in the Tattered Curtain Series. Guaranteed HEA. This story DOES have triggers so please check the author's website for TW.

Dreadful - Signed Paperback - Dinged

SKU: 31
  • This is a slightly damaged version of Dreadful. Thus it is heavily discounted, YAY! It will be completely readible, but the cover may have some scratches on the edges, or possibly the first internal page is missing.

    Your very own signed copy of Dreadful, a dark modern Sweeney Todd romantic retelling.

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