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Conviction Series Book Five

A Dark Captive Romantic Suspense


Please check the trigger warnings for Atoning Conviction. It is darker than the rest of the series. Guard your hearts, friends.



Their screams haunt me.
I’ve tried to drown them out,
But now I’m forced to fight my demons in this hell.
Shackles remind me I’m a hostage.
That my pain isn’t a nightmare.
This time, the screams are my own.
Only one thing gets me through it all.
Brown Eyes.
She is my strength and my downfall.
But does she want to be rescued?
I used to be haunted by the evil in my nightmares.
Now the monsters are real.
I don’t know if she’s a villain or my savior.

Her death haunts me.
I’ve tried to fight for justice,
But now I’m losing myself in this hell.
I got in over my head and now I’m trapped.
This place is a nightmare.
And I have to escape.
Only one thing can stop me.
Prisoner 813.
He is my weakness and my salvation.
But does he deserve to be rescued?
He’s haunted by his nightmares.
Maybe he deserves them.
I don’t know if he’s a villain or a savior.

Atoning Conviction - Signed Paperback

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